Link Building survey 2018

Thank you for taking part in the survey! We have gathered more than 1,100 answers, and now we are in progress of preparing a report.

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We value your time so together with our partners we have prepared a set of bonuses, which can be used by anyone who completes the survey. The total value of bonuses is 988 Euros.

CompanyDescriptionWhat you get Value of the gift
Link building & Content Marketing PlatformAccount top-up.30 USD or 20 GBP
Surfer is a time-saving SEO factors analyzer · Use it to optimize websites with the most important signals in your niche · Be more effective!Access to the tool for 21 days. 50 USD
Social CRM and Internet monitoring platform. gives you instant access to mentions about your brand across the web.15% discount for all packages.25 USD
Generate a link, send it to your friends and get UX/UI feedback. Save your time by using our tool. Get all comments in one place.Unlimited Package until the end of 201820 USD
A collection of tools for Google Ads experts that will help increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and obtain new information on customer behaviorMulti Package for 30 days99 USD
CallPage engages your website visitors and facilitates an immediate conversation!Callpage gives 50% for Starter for a month - code is STARTER5030 USD
Unamo SEO is a search engine monitoring tool that allows you to track your keywords and their daily rankings for both mobile and desktop searches.Monthly free Growing Business account with a limit of 1000 kws99 USD
The tool for complex onsite and offsite analysing.For those participating in the survey, we have prepared a 30% discount for the purchase of Clusteric Search Auditor. 30 USD
PushPushGo is a platform for sending automatic web push notifications. The control panel will help you to start collecting new signups in just minutes!30 days trial instead of 14 days.69 USD
Social media content calendar for agencies and brandsa code for 2 months of a trial (standard trial period is a month)320 USD
Bowwe is a website building platform, where you can easily create your page from scratch.3 months for free in the professional and entrepreneur plans or 30% in the yearly membership for all the plans.150 USD
SENUTO is a tool to support SEO activities.20% discount for any package bought for a year85 USD
Cutting-edge search engine marketing platform30% discount on any package.385 USD
Honaro provides applications for improving your business online.3 months free trial in all the applications:
- Reviews (SEO)
- News (SEO)
- Blog (SEO)
- Catalogue of products/services
- Portfolio
- Coupons/Vouchers
- Booking Engine
100 USD



Linkhouse is a link building and content marketing platform with more than 10,200 registered websites in 4 different languages ​​that will help you increase your online presence

A quick and easy tool for pinning comments and feedback on your website or graphic design (pdf, jpg, png, powerpoint, html). Invite others to gather feedback and send results to your colleagues!


Unamo SEO (Formerly Positionly) is a search engine monitoring tool that allows you to enter keywords you’d like to monitor, and track their daily rankings for both mobile and desktop searches (SERP’s). Unamo SEO provides a complete backlink profile powered by Majestic, an on-page optimization checker, reports, and a comprehensive competitor analysis.

You can also integrate your account with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to access your data from the same central location. Unlike the other digital marketing tools, Unamo is a stand-alone service and doesn’t require any special integration with your website in order to track your SERP standing.


Every day Clusteric helps hundreds of companies to promote websites and e-commerce stores. Several built-in modes allow you to analyze links and websites based on automatic rating formulas, its own link index and over 100 ranking factors. It will suggest the fittest keywords to conduct marketing activities, allow you to search for the best expired domains for new projects and perform an easy and quick analysis of competition activities.

Now, after extending it with the on-site audit mode (including the possibility of including external data such as Search Console or Analytics), the tool has become a complete suite for planning and implementing SEO strategy that will give you an edge over the competition in Google.


Push Push Go is a platform for sending automatic web push notifications on desktop and mobile. Our software allows for segmentation targeting, marketing automation and the tracking of analytics. It gives you the power to automate parts of your web push campaigns and lets you monitor all the information you collect, which can be used to create the components of various marketing automation scenarios. Our platform provides comprehensive solutions for startups and SMBs, as well as corporations.


Surfer is a SEO tool that lets you search for your target keywords and analyzes the data based on the results of the search. Surfer provides a comprehensive breakdown of the SERPs based on different ranking factors.

If you interpret the information correctly, you can pattern your content according to the ones performing at the highest level. You can also prepare accurate draft for copywriter or analyze content gap for your website.


Honaro offers you a set of tools to build loyalty and customer engagement.

Invite your customers to events, reward with coupons and ask for reviews about your company or services. Organize competitions or games with challenges and ask your customers for help you when you need it.

Every tool works simple and easy and your customers will know that your business is well organized and managed.

Remember that loyal customers buy more frequently and buy more. Most importantly, they will recommend your company to new customers.

Sembot gets data from Google Ads up to 10 times within an hour and uses them to adjust the CPC bid so that the ad gets the best position at the lowest possible price.


Have all your social media posts in one place and perfectly organized. Our intuitive calendar helps you have an overview of all your social media content across all social media platforms. Reschedule or duplicate posts with the drag’n’drop feature and have a clear overview of the monthly boost budget or content balance. We truly understand the value of every client’s time. Therefore, we have created the most intuitive and convenient client interface for quick content approval. Clients comment or approve posts in Kontentino’s calendar with just one click.


Bowwe is a new cloud-based website building platform. It is more than just a website builder. Bowwe Team works very closely with every client. Moreover, provides ongoing support and consultations, helps customers with promoting and advertising.


SENUTO is a tool for comprehensive SEO support and it consists of 4 main modules:

Visibility analysis – monitoring of nearly 20 million words per week and 2.5 million per day – allows analyzing nearly 4 million domains

Keyword database – over 100 million keywords. The best way to a quick keyword research.

SEO audits – over a dozen precise reports, automatic refreshing every 2 weeks and constant website monitoring

SEO tools – a series of tools that automate everyday SEO tasks.


The idea behind CallPage is to enable immediate callback to the consumers who have shown some sort of interest on a particular website. CallPage focuses on two major elements and they are speed and user experience.

If a consumer comes to your website and spends some time on it, it is obvious that he or she has some interest in your offerings. This automatically makes the consumer a prospect – someone who may (or may) not purchase your products or services but is worth approaching.

In order to engage website visitors and possibly convert them into customers, CallPage helps in providing immediate response from your company’s sales team – provided the visitor has clicked on the “call back” button on the website.


Brand24 is a tool for monitoring the Internet and social media. It allows you to get to know and understand the opinions of Internet users about the indicated companies, brands or products.

Brand24 is the leader of Internet monitoring in Poland. The tool is also available in America and Asia. Winner of the competition for the best web application The Next Web Startup Awards and the competition for the best mobile application for the Mobile Trends Awards.

The application currently monitors over 40,000 brands, for which over 4 billion mentions have already been collected. Customers include brands such as Intel, IKEA, H & M, UPC, Carlsberg, Vichy, Leroy Merlin, Tauron and many, many more. It is also worth emphasizing that Brand24 is not only a product for large brands. It is also a valuable tool for small and medium enterprises that use monitoring to build relationships with clients.


SEMSTORM is a tool that helps with SEO, PPC, and content marketing activities. It allows doing keyword research for main European markets as English, German, Spanish, French, Polish and 20 more.

Cutting-edge writing assistant helps to create correct, well understandable and SEO-ready articles. What is more, we provide innovative Lighthouse audit tool that helps with website optimization. Our advanced daily rank tracking allows you controlling your SEO visibility.