By using Linkhouse, you can plan, delegate and monitor content marketing and link building campaigns. We give access to thousands of advertiser websites in several languages, traffic statistics on publications and monitoring the presence of links. In Projects view, you can observe how your activities affect statistics and parameters from external tools (including Senuto, SemStorm, Ahrefs). “Tailor-made” campaigns will help you build a team of over 50 link builders and copywriters.



A huge database

A huge database of websites in four languages for the publication of sponsored articles – over 10,200 pages divided into several dozen industries.


New types of offers

Sponsored articles are not everything! You can choose offers for publishing links in existing (and future) articles, as well as banners, text links on any subpages, as well as sitewide.


Any type of links

From the same panel you can order any linking product – including whisper marketing, backend SEO, NAP business cards. In Linkhouse you can order any links type.


Foreign offer

Linkhouse is also your partner in activities for foreign clients. Over 10,200 websites four different languages where you can order sponsored articles, links in existing articles and other types of links. In addition, a standard offer such as SEO backend, NAP business cards or links in posts in the aforementioned and several other languages.


Traffic statistics in articles

Are you interested in how users read the publications you have ordered? We provide traffic statistics including the number of unique visits, page views, average time and the division between desktop and mobile – data relating to the item you ordered!


Link activity monitoring

We constantly monitor the availability and parameters of links in ordered publications (including links in existing publications, text links or banners) and in case of problems, we contact the publisher to restore non-working links. In the panel you can see the status of the ordered link all the time.



You can assign your orders to projects, and manage large campaigns with ease by creating subprojects. Within each project, you have convenient access to reports and information about the budget you have spent.

You can also track data on traffic and visibility from tools such as Google Analytics, Senuto, SemStorm or Ahrefs on a single graph. On the same chart, you can enter your notes and dates of selected orders, so that you can conveniently track the impact of your actions on the results achieved.